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tv   Headline News  RT  August 5, 2014 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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israel announcing the complete. pardon me the complete withdrawal of troops from gaza as a new three day cease fire takes hold. here reportedly massing its military hardware around east ukraine's industrial capital the next we look at how civilians there spend days in basements fearing an all out assault. american officials criticize a covert u.s. a idea to stoke on rest in cuba under the guise of a harmless health program. eleven
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am in moscow good to have you with us our top story this hour israel announced a complete withdrawal of troops from gaza these are live pictures from the area actually these are photos from the area seventy two hour cease fire now in place the last three day truce collapse soon after it began paullus lior has more from tel aviv. a seventy two hour temporary cease fire has now been effected just moments before it in fact was implemented there were barrages of rockets fired it is right at the same time the israeli military was responding with the strikes over gaza we hearing from the israeli army is that all its soldiers have now left garza this follows overnight destruction of tunnels there and according to figures that we've been given from the israeli defense forces they say that they have managed to destroy thirty two what they call underground infiltration passages they've killed nine hundred militant fighters but of course this has come at
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a hippie price let's not forget that somewhere in the region of one thousand nine hundred gardens have been killed the majority of them civilians there is a palestinian authority harassed delegation that is in cairo for talks we are being told that the idea is that during this seventy two hour cease fire an israeli delegation will arrive in the egyptian capital and negotiations that will take place for a permanent end to hostilities now we don't have any concrete information as to what are the terms of this proposal at the moment but what we do understand and this is information coming from an israeli spokesperson that it's much the same ceasefire proposal that was put forward three weeks ago israel is calling for a complete militarization of the gaza strip her mass for its side is assisting there be a lifting of the siege that israel has imposed on gaza now there is a silent voice here in israel but it is a voice that is struggling to be hoed and that is the voice of israel's lift who are taking to the streets to demand that israel in this operation in gaza.
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so these people are is really they're not jewish even america would behave like this they call themselves beautiful souls would be harmed by jewish people. israelis opposed to the military operation are finding it increasingly hard to get their voice heard above the right wingers when people do speak up they're shouting down and physically attacked it's extremely hard to demonstrate. when you're fighting because the people are doing the fighting are our kids or brothers or husbands people are saying things and selling things and doing things violently that they would never of even dared in past years the right wing is moved to call they never. know that they need to be executed executed between ass and the arabs there will be no peace they don't want peace if they had wanted peace they wouldn't shoot rockets bombs at us and with every passing week the number of people
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attending the antiwar protests in central tel aviv steadily smaller this is a pretty poor turnout but it's not unexpected the israeli left is a pretty quiet voice at the moment imagine what the shouting is that they're racist government will not bring security and after that it's bad regardless of whether it's in israel or gaza. payload is one of the few he's not afraid to speak his mind of the time and just watch people dying it's. still my brother in gaza if you know right now that tomorrow. my uncle died in lebanon thirty years ago i want the war to stop that's it and he's not. one he is not your typical peace activist an operative in israel secret services for more than twenty years the fifty seven year old is now a campaigner at combatants for peace once a new force of the occupation he now works alongside palestinians and former israeli soldiers to dismantle it this israeli left trying to bring exist
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a striving to be left to be had because. we have a small minority a when there is a war if we can call it what's happening in the war people tend to sympathize with . with the state and not to be a to talk against it's not easy to be on the wrong side of public opinion but for me and others like him hope that with time they will be on the right. signs of history. ten of the. the operation protective edge is the deadliest israeli offensive in years the number of palestinians killed in gaza since the start of july approaching one thousand nine hundred sixty seven israelis have also lost their lives or he's bringing josh she spoke with a lot of stein from israel's foreign ministry who explain why she why israel feels the operation is the only option. this is a terror going to zation that we're fighting terrorism is a sham that's one to bring destruction disagreement here was not about him us it
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was about civilians innocent civilians they're being killed here yes and unfortunately the from us uses these people as human shields you know anything untoward is there on a number of occasions about you know where civilian objects are located in specifically this particular school why is it that israel has not heeded the u.i. and also said that they found missiles into one risk pools they went out and said it that's un schools that were used to hide missiles this is just another one when israel was warned about this that you know there are civilians in the school sheltering also u.n. secretary ban ki-moon called your action a war crime but you know why does this not unsettle you it unsettles us a lot we would not want to be in this situation in the first place that's why in the beginning we did not start a military operation but once you have rockets flown at you again and again we've passed the three thousand rockets that were shot at us in the last month three thousand rockets holy you went out and declare that the hamas has to be militarized
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meaning they understand that hamas has to withdraw all their weapons and stop being a threat to the people of israel and they said if you can look at what merkel said you can look at what obama said so actually actually we have a lot of support. turning to ukraine overnight witnesses and local activists say the ukrainian army has been bombing residential areas in the city of gori near the regional capital donetsk claiming chios forces are using heavy weaponry including advanced rocket launchers that were set out on monday in the area. this video purported to show some of the hardware deployment and government forces claim the army is seeking to control areas surrounding that it's ahead of a full on assault on the city people in another suburb also targets of recent crackdowns say they are in despair. like you said you know they do you know look when you are going to get kind of easy even if you don't use one of these these need you.
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so let's kind of take a look at the few we have here on this map you can see some of the urban targets of artillery fire around. they have been effectively triangulated in that district and over there it's made no secret of the plans to take donetsk by the ukrainian army and this map shows the front line illustrating that to explain the scale of the looming operation we put together some facts about this city it's ukraine's fifth largest with nine hundred fifty thousand inhabitants last year danetta regained its title is the most attractive city for business in ukraine according to forbes business magazine a top economic hub and the center of the nation's mining industry just two years ago its streets had football fans in it when it hosted the euro two thousand and
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twelve semifinals now just over one hundred kilometers away east ukraine second largest city ligaments continues to be bombarded by artillery almost daily a team of journalists had a near miss working in the area here's how they described the incident. we went to the shilling to play we still some people at the bus stop and the explosion took place just a few meters from a vehicle blocked most of the blast so the civilians at the bus still weren't killed she'll fragments and three of them injured me. we were just about to get out of the car when the blast happened i was injured or the doctors managed to extract all of the fragments the area that was bombed was full of civilians and there was a shop very close by attacks like this happen every day here in lugansk on. our course bottom arifin ocean is also in the besieged city and says she can barely recognize her from the last time she was there lugansk is
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a shadow of its former self it was once a flourishing regional center with a population of half a million today it is largely abandoned and dangerous destroyed schools and hospitals silent reminders of an ongoing conflict and this is the hotel in the center of the gaza where we used to stay just two weeks ago there were gas here mostly journalists but also ukrainians running from violence in the towns of cum i thought because they used to be a major a percentage of the large scale military operation here in eastern ukraine there was also a chinese restaurant on the seventh floor but now as you can see the hotel has been shut down the sign says hotel is closed the further we go from the center the greater the destruction of his house was damaged when he shall explode in her garden and sort of the flowers she planted there is now a deep crater. is there and should when you break a deal is
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a horde of them as you just are they are. you would you. like other locals here who haven't already fled the fighting own good has taken shelter in the basement yet to get back you found that you have all just and much in your pocket be an actual fact you dicky i grew to love to predict how i could die many of those sheltering under ground and seek. and desperate i can't do yet is there you go up here through here york she did very well for one night here. as we're speaking nearly two city troops out like house are a constant problem here the lines were apparently repaid just before we arrived not down in the way you. look at it but i really don't know. if it here in look we're. going to go out we're going to say give me
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the reasons shall turn to roll most every apartment building in lugansk and they're really empty there's another basement that the has recently become home to local residents and it's not that they hide here the time of intense challenge and a vibrant you can see literally leave here every family has its own. place here like an apartment building that underground in one of the calgary school me to tell me i'm the youngest resident i've seen here so far he shares many of the fears of deal do people here know that to go through. this difficult period. well just a couple of go. as it has for me was at nine pm every day people in different bases we saw at the same prayer. the ask for god to protect them and bring them peace but as the shelling continues around them
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the furthest a day to plan a had is tomorrow and when they say they weren't here again with relief notion are lugansk ukraine. more than four hundred thirty ukrainian troops crossed the russian border appealing for sanctuary so them already returned to crane but entering an area free of fighting it's the largest number of ukrainian military personnel to lay down their arms across the border but smaller groups have done it before latest group describing their motives. i'm by all fortune sitting on the moon you don't forget we have all witnessed so many deaths and other terrible things all of us are be very happy to be here we've been given a new moon i managed to rest and we're very grateful for that which. we were encircled we had no way out so to keep the manpower safe our commanders decided to escape to russia and i think for no clear reason the ukrainian population is destroying itself because on both sides they are the same people are
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not in the book. dot com you can learn the history of reported morale slumps within kiev's military and some offbeat ways the government has thought up to tackle the problem. right see. first strike. and i think that your. orders. can still. be in the. some u.s. officials have accused the government of undermining global health programs after revelations washington had been secretly using an hiv prevention campaign in cuba to find that political unrest the undercover operation run by usa id since two thousand and nine had been uncovered by the associated press that has been.
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some of the u.s. government aid programs have a dual purpose the u.s. agency for international development usaid known for overseeing billions of dollars in u.s. humanitarian eight was dispatching venice whelan to weaken and peruvian young people to cuba hoping to provoke a revolution in their young latinos often posed as tourists they traveled across the country and recruited people whom they believe they could turn into political activists a form administrator with. participated in this effort said there was no safety net for these inexperienced workers if they were caught by cuban authorities so the spying program involving the use when done even after the scandalous the rest of the album gloss in two thousand and nine who worked as a sup contractor of the usa he's now serving a fifteen year sentence in cuba the u.s. trying to foment honesty in cuba is nothing new of course but this latest
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investigation by the associated press reveals how humanitarian aid programs were used to that end. the prevention workshop which in memo subpoenaed by the a.p. is labeled as quote unquote the perfect excuse for the program's political goals the government actually is not hiding the fact that some of the programs have a dual purpose speaking about this they should be workshop program to usaid said quote it enables support for cuban civil society while providing a secondary benefit of addressing desired cubans to express information and training about prevention. when u.s. state department spokesperson jen psaki was asked about the revelations she denied the program had a mixed mission. the first thing that people will ask them is how do we know that you're not cia well strengthening a civil society and empowering a civil society to be more capable is something that that was the focus of this
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program and again i think what's been communicated with any who have is the secretary comfortable with this apparent mixing of missions we would disagree with that characterization white house also faced questions about another dual purpose program exposed by reporters in two thousand and nine u.s. government apparently involved in setting up a twitter like social network in cuba but zooms in you was more than merely chatting and sharing pictures the program was hidden from the cuban government and designed to promote this set by manipulating political messages that was shut down in two thousand and twelve in washington still denies any direct involvement. former white house official paul craig roberts thinks the government is no stranger to covert overseas programs. anytime you see anything funded by washington directly or indirectly you know you are permitting washington to undermine your own country or your own government and the same goes true if you say oh oh look how
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wonderful that americans who dream about us this in a bank here all their energy companies and to come help us they're not there would be there conducting subversion this is what they'd do and i did blows my mind how trenchers fall for the us hold your hand over and all the countries who don't fall for the governments countries don't call forth are generally assessed. and particularly in latin america south america and. in that in most cases they're simply bought off. the process by leaders in the leaders or rich making borrow when they permit the country to be looted and stole the common london or in scotland with a trip to the stars we take a look at the future of the space industry in great britain.
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this is a media lead also we leave the media privacy pose a security threat your party has a goal. which is that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politicking only on our t.v. . stop worrying and learn to love the frak because mr president we must not allow neither a mindset gap nor a fracking well. drama . stories others refuse to.
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change. the picture. from. twenty minutes past the hour now the u.k. ministry of justice figures revealing a rising wave of assaults orders and suicides in english prisons and in wales reports show budgets have been cut staff trimmed in jails overcrowded an ex convict turned author and alice myth talked about the horrors of living behind bars there. prison dogs give the prisoners in some places prison is a work prison is a work of a bunch of just over one pound a day for free meals per prisoner believe prison drugs get seven pound a day budget for their. people who don't get enough work in jail the reason i work
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for people in prison and most of the speed limits on looked up twenty four as it's beyond that the reason what structures where the prisoner were not in the prison actually galaxy's own noise out because the so was was so hard and he was put into a cell and would have because you can guess the zone lou is out some of the challenges that we might do have to wonder why the the might of the. home to understand a lot of people in the prisons or room for the full as all petty criminals call for you so people who've not paid the care of these are more hardened criminals we're talking about these human beings. to cement u.s. relations with africa president barack obama hosting a first ever summit with cotton it's leaders washing expecting a billion dollars worth of new business and to widen its funding in peace keeping a food and power programs there the continent has already been dubbed the twenty first century is next great growth region and it's been living up to the title out of the ten fastest growing economies in the last year four of them are in africa
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and obama expressed high hopes for the ongoing summit that he called a truly historic event washington's efforts come a speculation that its interest in africa could be to challenge china the u.s. has increased trade with the continent almost one hundred billion dollars that number of still not near china's involvement there though and beijing's direct foreign investment has been growing significantly lower as freeman from the executive intelligence review and was at the summit thanks washington is so far unable to match china in the area. according to the official policy of the state department this summit is to reaffirm the u.s. friendship and partnership with africa so that's almost immediately its statement one of the programs that obama is calling his signature program power africa haile referred to as power lists africa to be created in fact it's doing almost
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nothing and it's not going to lead to any development in africa china is doing what other countries have refused to do that the chinese are building infrastructure rebuilding rare roads building dams doing building other facilities jihad is from the notorious islamic state group have fought their way into lebanon now expanding their sphere of influence into a third country extremist already control significant parts of syria and iraq they've now taken over a lebanese border town after heavy fighting and left more than a dozen dead geodes have also reportedly taken some local officials hostage the islamic state group known for being so brutal that even al qaida has turned away from them. turning to some other world headlines the nigerian military abused civilians in their fight against islamic militant group boko haram according to amnesty international that released footage showing soldiers slitting the throats of detainees nigerian officials now investigating the allegations the
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human rights group also accuse the military of killing more than six hundred released prisoners. hundreds of teachers took to the streets of buenos aires demanding unpaid salaries in the reopening of wage negotiations protests coming several days up there argentina defaulted on its debt demonstrators called on the government not to pay the hedge funds and to protect funding for education. tens of thousands of russian tourists stranded abroad after a tour company collapsed most of the holiday makers will be returned home within the week according to an association of tour operators five flights planned for tuesday it's the fourth russian travel agency to go bust since july. london seeking to ignite the u.k. space industry possibly wooing scotland in the process are these pollywog a look at the prospects of space tourism taking off in britain. the scottish are being promised all sorts to stay in the u.k. but now they're being sold on trips to the stars. that's because the british
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government wants to reach the final frontier or rather build a space port for commercial space travel by twenty eight feet and scotland has a shot at housing the launch pad the u.k. space industry is growing at an astronomical pace it already contributes over in levin billion pounds to the u.k. economy every year it employs a vet thirty thousand people but as the boast of one british satellite building company puts it you face space bombs are always piggybacking on someone else's rocket so ministers say that this is an industry that needs more room to grow and that means having a place in britain to launch these from the government's come up with eight possible remote seaside locations for the potential space space six of them are in scotland where there's an independence referendum in just six weeks some social
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media responses accuse westminster of dangling the scottish spaceport and the potential local jobs and economic growth that would create as a carrot for scots to stay in the union and. to the gas company they will say that they want to work very closely with the rest if you listen to the press the governor say ignore this this would be a complete. countries and that really they would be working towards this so you are already going to or perhaps he will be scottish national party leader alex semin says that whatever the outcome of the referendum scotland would still be the best location for in the face but the from bo is that scotland would want to gift an independent scotland a space or that would create jobs that could be kept south of the border richard branson's virgin galactic. is already advertising space tourism in the window display of its london head courses from the end of this year anyone willing to
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stump up one hundred and twenty thousand pounds can take a trip into space from a spaceport in new mexico these are just the sorts of that shows that ministers here hope they can attract with their various groups so right the transport department told a teammate that it's consultation would focus on the suitability of all eight locations and questions about potential scottish independence were premature either way the shortlist is expected to be unveiled at the end of the here often the results of the scottish referendum becoming a party boy well it's a month. after the break a special report on the murky side of the fishing industry stay with us are to interact.
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well with. science technology innovation all beliefs developments from around russia we saw the future covered i'm happy martin the stories we cover here not going here in iraq are fixed or the extra headlines same time there's a reason they don't want to. put their travel plans that you don't think we need now let's break the set. i think. we're going to go digital the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy albus. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been hijacked lying handful of trans national corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once
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built up my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem to try to fix rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing not to find the book deal ready to join the movement then welcome to the big picture. play. live.